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TBOS-OCT: Antigone - OC No.1 by AndMyShadow TBOS-OCT: Antigone - OC No.1 by AndMyShadow
Art (c) :icon2am-scm-ew: please comment on her page: [link]

Character Reference Sheet for :icontbos-oct: : Princess Antigone

:bulletblue: Name: Princess Antigone
:bulletblue: Nicknames: Tigo, Princess Gone
:bulletblue: Physical Description: Antigone is 5ft 4in tall (ca. 160m), she has a very pale porcelain skin, dark blue eyes and white hair with light blue strands in it.
:bulletblue: Age: 17

:bulletblue: History:
Antigone is the daughter of the King of the University. Her mother used to live with her until she suddenly vanished when Antigone was 5 years old. From that time she was brought up by teachers and governesses, who treated her like an adult and generally kept her from anything that a small child might enjoy (running around, laughing at silly jokes, etc.).
As a way of escaping the strict, rigid control others had over her life, she created an imaginary friend for herself, a small doglike creature called Swiftsure, that was able to openly display all the childish and boyish impulses she herself has to suppress.
Two days before her intended marriage with the second son of another University King, Antigone suddenly vanishes (because Lady Ink recruits her as a ‘Champion of Order’ and sends her into the book). The consequences of her sudden disappearance eventually lead to the university closing itself off from the outside world and forbidding people from leaving the university and the city.

:bulletblue: Personality:
Antigone loves to read, not for the emotions but for the knowledge and understanding she can gain from it. She likes to put details into order in her head. She loves science and scientific discovery as long as it’s related to the structure of things. If she reads a piece of classic literature she reads it to categorize the characters, draw diagrams of the order of scenes in relation to the built up etc. She’s usually willing to follow authorities because she believes that they know best.
Antigone tries to get along with people and to fit into groups (most of the time she will try to be the leader, even though she has no natural talent to be one, because as a princess and future-queen she thinks it is her duty).

:bulletblue: Abilities:
Antigone is very intelligent and has an amazing memory. She reads very fast. She’s especially good at maths and science. She can fit in easily in any ‘court’ or ‘political’ situation, but does not know how to deal with people who are not part of her own ‘class’.

:bulletblue: Chosen by: Lady Ink
:bulletblue: Gift: Construct, a rectangular shape with the structure word ‘Door’. This construct is limited to one purpose, it well send the person who uses it back to the ‘university’ (an important place in the world my OCs come from), to the room and at the time the person chooses

Any Questions? Just ask!

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