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TBOS-OCT: Aella Hunter OC No.3 by AndMyShadow TBOS-OCT: Aella Hunter OC No.3 by AndMyShadow
Art (c) :icon2am-scm-ew: Please comment on the art on her page: [link]

Character Reference Sheet for :icontbos-oct: : Aella Hunter

The wonderful :iconclockwork-heartbeats: did a head shot of Aella: [link] (gorgeous, isn't it!)

:bulletorange: Name: Aella Hunter
:bulletorange: Physical description: 5ft 7inches tall, tanned skin, brownish hair with dark red strands in it.
:bulletorange: Age: 20

:bulletorange: History:
Aella was raised by an adoptive family, that she liked well enough, but she always longed to know her real family. She was trained in sports and athletics from a very young age at her own wish, because she hopes to become a member of an outer guild (merchants, hunters and messengers) and be allowed to leave the university at some point.
At the time of her encounter with Mudd she is just going through the last part of her training, after which an exam (theoretical and practical) will determine whether she will be allowed to join an outer guild or not, but her chances don’t look to good because she’s a girl and girls very rarely are allowed to join. She is send into the book by Mudd.
Her greatest treasure is an amphora (which is about as outdated a container as it is in our world) that was given to her by her adoptive father. Aella knows nothing about her real parents except that the amphora was a present from them for her.

:bulletorange: Personality:
Aella is independent, strong and rather proud. She can be incredibly stubborn. She likes to do things her own way and believes that the easiest way to achieve this is to do things on her own without others to meddle with her plans.
In a group she naturally takes control (and fights anybody who tries to take it away from her). Aella likes to listen to stories and songs, especially if they tell of things she has never seen or heard, she is very curious and has a constant wish to see and experience new things.
Because of her pride and independence Aella sometimes hurts others and herself. She can be quite egoistical when she wants to be.

:bulletorange: Abilities: Aella is a runner and a fighter, she can handle herself in hand-to-hand combat and is a good swordswoman. She gets along great with anybody who doesn’t try to order her around or tell her what to do, no matter how high or low their status might be.

:bulletorange: Gift: Mudd gives her amphora the Function 'Provision'. It can provide anything that is liquid to Aella when she needs it (e.g. Ink if she wanted to write something, hot soup if she was hungry etc.)

Any Questions? Just ask!

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